The procedure for reviewing articles

in the online scientific journal “Vestnik of ASAU”

  1. All scientific articles submitted to the editorial board of the online scientific journal “Vestnik of ASAU” are subject to peer review.
  2. The journal uses single-blind peer review, when the reviewer knows the name of the author of the article, but the author of the article does not know the name of the reviewer.
  3. Submitted manuscript is transferred for expert assessment of the member of the editorial board and (or) experts – scientists and experts in this field.
  4. The reviewer is informed that the manuscript is not subject to disclosure. The reviewer is not allowed to make copies of the manuscript for the personal purposes.
  5. Manuscripts are sent for peer review in the order of receipt as the next two issues of the journal are formed.
  6. The reviewer may indicate the need for additions and clarifications to the manuscript, which is then sent to the author for revision. Then, the article is re-sent for peer review.
  7. Article, which is not recommended for publication by reviewer, is not accepted to reconsidering.
  8. The decision to publish a scientific article after reviewing is made by the Editor-In-Chief, and, if necessary, by the editorial board.
  9. The editorial board informs the author(s) of the decision via e-mail. In case of negative decision, the editorial board sends a reasoned refusal to the author, upon written request.
  10. All reviews are kept in the editorial office for five years.
  11.  Copies of reviews are sent to the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation upon the corresponding request.

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